Third season of The Morning Show "in russian" Pirated dubbing in Russia doesn’t hesitate to lie about the war in Ukraine, rewriting characters’ dialogues

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For the sake of lies and war propaganda against Ukraine, in Russia, they not only produce their own movies and series, but also re-dub those made in other countries. Moreover, they do it in a way that slanders Ukraine. The creators of the pirated dubbing are not at all concerned that in the original version, the characters of the series say different words and tell the events differently.
In the first episode of the third season of the series The Morning Show on Apple TV+, the characters talk about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The theme of war is present in the following episodes as well. In one of the scenes of the fourth episode, there is a mention of a Russian army strike on a hospital in Mariupol. One of the characters, who is in the Ukrainian city, says the line: "Russians are shooting civilians on the streets".
The series is only available in Russia on pirate websites with several pirated dubbing versions. In one of such versions, made by the "studio" RuDub, the line "Russians are shooting civilians on the streets" is translated as "Azov is shooting civilians".
Here is the verbatim dialogue of the characters in the original:
— Where are they evacuating the wounded?
— A military hospital in Donetsk. Russians are back to shelling the shit out this place.
— Are you ok?
— I’m fine. The Russians. It's not just a bombing. They are shooting civilians in the street.
"Translation" in Russian pirate dubbing:
— Куда эвакуируют раненых?
— В госпиталь в Донецке. Боевики снова обстреливают город.
— Ты в порядке?
— Я в порядке. Здесь не только расстреливают город, Азов расстреливает гражданских.
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© Apple
A clear example of how a parallel reality is imposed in Russia, and attempts to convince everyone of its truthfulness.