Russia, you must stop the war against Ukraine How artists demand from Russia the end of the war and support Ukraine

© Gunduz Aghayev
On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation carried out a major military invasion of Ukraine. Russia claims to be carrying out a demilitarization and denazification operation in Donbas. And they are trying to convince Russian citizens and the whole world of this. In fact, Russia’s goal is to occupy the territory of Ukraine, establish a controlled government there and subdue the whole country. Ukraine resists! The whole world is trying to stop Vladimir Putin and his aggressive war against Ukraine!
Now everyone is doing what they just can to help Ukraine. Artists from around the world publish anti-war, anti-Putin and pro-Ukraine illustrations:
«When I grow up I want to be like Stalin»
© Christopher Chuckry
«Some people should never have been born»
© Platinum FMD, Daniel Haubrichs, Luciano Honorato
© Gunduz Aghayev
«Pray for Ukraine»
© Camryn Paige
© Angel Boligan
«Special operation»
© Angel Boligan
«Sanctions vs. Let's save our comrades»
© Don Low
«A portrait of a blatant liar, manipulator and psychopath. Ukraine stay strong!»
© Karolis Strautniekas
«I love this game»
© romel
© Gunduz Aghayev