The White House or jail What will happen next with Donald Trump?

Stellina Chen
Illustrators from different countries depict Donald Trump in situations he might hypothetically find himself in after the charges brought against him.
Donald Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records. This trial took place in New York and is unique in that a former U.S. president was convicted for the first time.
Trump, depicted as a huge, inflated bubble, collides with the sword of the U.S. justice system. This event was illustrated by the German artist Markus Grolik.
Markus Grolik
After the trial, the front pages of all global media reported the judge's decision: "Guilty!" In Steve Breen's illustration, Trump sees a passerby smiling while reading the news about the conviction.
Steve Breen
The South Korean artist Stellina Chen, in her illustration, shows the possible scenarios awaiting Donald Trump: ending up in the White House as the U.S. President or in prison.
Stellina Chen
What the debates between candidates Donald Trump and Joseph Biden might look like if Trump is imprisoned is illustrated by the American artist Steve Breen.
Steve Breen
The Austrian artist Marian Kamensky went even further in his assumptions. In his illustration, Trump (likely having won the presidential race) is in prison with presidential security and the "nuclear football."
Marian Kamensky

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Putin in The Hague, Trump in jail They can only be seen using the Midjourney neural network (for now)

A year ago, SFG Media already published images of Trump in a jail cell created by the Midjourney neural network. Back then, it seemed like a joke, but now the likelihood of this event has significantly increased.
Whatever happens next, it's already clear that Trump's reputation is severely tarnished. He's left with a stain, as depicted in the illustration by American artist Allan MacDonald.
Allan McDonald
P.S.: Hopefully, another criminal sought by the International Criminal Court and hiding in Russia will soon receive a real sentence.