Europe, are you ready? The illustration by Cristiana Couceiro on the cover of The Economist poses a simple yet crucial question to Europeans about their readiness to confront Russia

© Cristiana Couceiro / The Economist
After two years of Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine and Europeans' somewhat infantile attitude toward it, The Economist directly asks European countries if they are ready to confront Russia and Vladimir Putin, as Ukraine is doing today. In other words, the authors pose the question: Europe, are you ready for war?
The article in The Economist, released on the eve of the two-year anniversary of the full-scale war, discusses the increasing threat to Europe from Russia, the weakening support from the United States, and the unpreparedness of European countries for potential conflicts. The publication notes that Russia is increasing its military spending and becoming more aggressive, while support from the United States is diminishing due to uncertainty in the future American president's policies. The authors emphasize that Vladimir Putin is increasing military expenditures and, by waging war in Ukraine, is bolstering his military machine. This could allow him to confidently attack NATO countries in three to five years.
The cover of the publication accurately illustrates this situation, clearly suggesting that Putin, taking advantage of the lack of decisive action from the West and internal instability in Europe, intends to strengthen his positions and take further aggressive actions.
Is Europe ready for war?
© Cristiana Couceiro / The Economist
The illustrator, Cristiana Couceiro, demonstrates outstanding skill in succinctly depicting complex political scenes. Her work is characterized by insightful commentary on contemporary global events and the ability to convey their essence in graphic form. In this piece, she instantly prompts reflection on the current geopolitical situation.